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Amidst the gardens of Charles Towne Landing, this historic home originally built in the 1840’s is nestled before a canopy of ancient live oaks dripping with Spanish moss as they form a natural avenue. Natural, organic beauty is found across the grounds from the tranquil lagoons to the wrought iron fountains to the intimate secret garden, and the property itself has hosted governors and dignitaries through the years.

A single visit to this off-the-beaten path estate, and you’ll understand why it’s worth the commotion. Matching the grandeur of the natural surroundings, the interior of Legare Waring House boasts comparable splendor through its Victorian pastel furnishings, romantic drapery and illustrated songbird wallpaper.

It’s a quintessentially Southern setting to whisk you away to another world where romance and refinement reigned supreme. 

Weddings at Legare Waring House

Where is Legare Waring House?

Legare Waring House is situated inside of Charles Towne Landing, towards the West Ashley area of Charleston. It is located about 15 minutes from downtown, as well as the Charleston International Airport, by car. Charles Towne Landing is a state historic site and open to the public, though Legare Waring House is a private area inside the park.  

Key points to know about weddings at Legare Waring House

1. Legare Waring House holds 200 wedding guests indoor + outdoor

2. There is plentiful complimentary guest parking, plus a shuttle transportation from the parking area provided

3. Four opulent Bridal Suites, each with a private bathroom are available for use by the bridal party; while there is a two-story wing with a dressing room + private background to serve as the gentlemen’s lounge

4. The property holds a romantic Avenue of Oaks, idyllic double lagoons, a screened porch, a wrought iron water fountain, a fountain patio at the front of the house and an enclosed garden for intimate ceremonies + couple portraits

5. Outside caterers are allowed and there is no exclusivity for certain vendors

6. Pronounced “Leh-gree” Waring House

What sort of weddings work best here?

The peak seasons are Spring and Autumn, with slower seasons in Summer and Winter. Single-day outdoor weddings are what we see most often at Legare Waring House, and from the Avenue of Oaks to the Wedding Oak to the Wedding Garden, there are several options for ceremony locations. Couples who seek a picturesque celebration beneath a whole canopy of Spanish moss will fall head over heels for the understated, yet elegant ambiance here.

Address: Legare Waring House, 1500 Old Towne Road, Charleston, SC 29407, United States



Photo credits for this page: Kylee Yee