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Wedding design is not only our speciality, it's our favourite part of the planning process. Design is a collaborative process; it's where we get to know you as a couple and incorporate all the most personal aspects of your life together so far into the design of your wedding. We'll create a moodboard based entirely around your story to create a cohesive, beautiful plan for your wedding day and work with you to choose the suppliers that are best placed to bring your vision to life.

Wedding Design Consultation

It can be easy to underestimate how involved designing your wedding can be, At the most beautiful weddings every single aspect ties in perfectly, from the venue, the dress, the cake and and the flowers to the invites, place cards and table settings. Achieving this takes time, thought and experience; we're experts in not only getting this right, but making it perfect.

What we do

We'll meet you both and just chat! We'll get to know you and ask you to complete our questionnaire, designed to help us understand what's most important to you

We'll create a moodboard based on what we've learned, which gives an impression of the 'feel' of your wedding, and then discuss it together and make any necessary changes

We'll draw up a shortlist of suppliers for every part of your day, then help you choose the ones that are best placed to help us achieve the design we've created in the moodboard

We'll be there on your wedding day to make sure everything that we've designed together is presented perfectly, from making sure the tablescape is 'just so' to putting all the little touches - which can be so easily missed - are all present and correct

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