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Our wedding design service is for couples who have a story to tell, a vision and a desire for authenticity. It’s for couples who value intention and love color, textures and patterns. Design is Phase 2 of our ‘4 Planning Phases’ process and is for couples who already have someone coordinating their day, or are perhaps doing this themselves.

Firstly, we’ll get to know you both; how you met, your past, your favorite memories, hobbies and stories. We’ll then use what you tell us to weave your personalities and stories into the design of your wedding; we’ll choose the right colors and fabrics, textures, flower arrangements and more; anything that touches on the five senses. As we work together, we’ll suggest like-minded vendors for each element of your wedding who will bring the vision, drawings and design to life over time.

Next, in a similar way to how an interior designer would work in a home, we’ll visit your destination and study the venue you’ve chosen. We’ll understand what naturally grows there and what would complement the environment. We want to create an entirely unique space that’s dedicated to you and all the things that you love because this is really the time to tell your story. There are so many amazing wedding ideas out there on Pinterest and Instagram, but we want to take those inspiration shots you’ve seen and make them relevant to you and unique to your own personalities, hometowns, families and relationship. We want to understand exactly why you are attracted to each image and the message it tells. That really is one of our biggest focuses, because no two relationships are the same and no two weddings should ever be the same either. We want you to feel emotionally connected to every key element of your wedding, every step of the way.

While this service is design-only, we will be the go-to contact for anything that touches on design, including sourcing specific pieces, collecting mock ups and presenting you with a visual proposal that communicates everything you’ll see, hear, taste, feel and touch throughout your wedding. Of course, we also offer full service wedding planning if you'd like us to take over every aspect of planning your day.

If you want your wedding to tell your story in the most beautiful way possible, please do get in touch, we’d love to schedule a 15 minute introductory call and start getting to know each other.

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