Full Service Wedding Planning in England, Charleston, SC & France

Full Service Wedding Planning

We hope this gives you a good guide of what you an expect as a Willow & Oak couple; we really understand what an honor it is to be trusted with one of the most important days of your life. We would love nothing more than to hop on a 15 minute introductory call soon, so get in touch and let's get started!

During this introductory period the first thing we do is hear your story - how you met, what led you to where you are today and your overall vision for your dream wedding (we love this bit!). We'll also find out where you are with planning your wedding so far, or if you're starting with a totally clean slate. We'll understand your vision and ask you to try to distil how you want guests to feel at your wedding into 5 words or phrases. This first phase continues on until we finalize preliminary logistical information such as the destination, venue, guest numbers and budget. We'll visit your wedding venue to really understand the space, its location, its natural surrounds and what drew you to it. This is also where we'll start thinking about the endless opportunities for design and bringing your story into your wedding day. The Foundations phase draws to an end once we present you with your vendor recommendation document, from which you'll pick your dream team of wedding vendors, with whom we'll then confirm bookings and contracts.

Phase 2 - Design

This is a personal favorite, the phase where we get really creative! We start with a detailed questionnaire that really gets to know you both - as individuals and as a couple. We encourage each of you to fill this questionnaire out, preferably over cheese and wine, and really have fun and let your personalities shine. The more information you give us here, the more we are able to create a design and guest experience tailored to you. Once we have this information back, we start on an initial design vision board. We transform our studio pinning different images, textures and objects to the wall and allow time, travel and our experience to guide us. The Design phase is truly collaborative so we will always encourage you to give us feedback and ideas.. With season, budget and design in mind, this phase ends when we present you with preliminary designs for everything from the floristry, cake and stationery to the tablescape and venue layout, all for your review.

Phase 3 - Coordination

Coordination is the longest but most comprehensive phase. We'll be working hard behind the scenes getting everything organized, such as dining & ceremony layouts, timelines (multiple versions for you and vendors), putting together welcome gifts and of course, much more, Meanwhile, this is when we'll ask you to confirm your guest list, decide on a seating planthere will be some tasks that we will need you to complete such as guest list, putting together your seating plan, choosing wedding bands, speeches, etc! As a Willow & Oak couple, you have a personalized client lounge to remind you of everything on your to-do list, deadlines, budget updates and everything in between so you never have to worry about forgetting anything! We do keep design in mind this entire phase as well and at the end, you will receive a visual proposal which guides you through everything you can expect to see, hear, taste and feel from your point of view as well as a guest’s point of view. This proposal includes actual textiles that will be used as well as all of the mock ups we have collected for you.

Phase 4 - Production

We've made it to your wedding! Thanks to the groundwork from the coordination phase, production runs super smoothly now that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. And of course, most importantly, you're getting married! We start the weekend with a rehearsal (venue-allowing), so that all your wedding party members know who is standing (or sitting) where. On the wedding day, we'll normally be the first to arrive and the last to leave. You'll find us accepting deliveries, steaming linens, setting up each space, overseeing the timeline and so much more- we want you to feel reassured that everything is under control so that you and your family members can sit back, take everything in and be entirely free of responsibility. And once you've said 'I do' and headed off on your honeymoon, we'll ensure all vendors are signed off and all your wedding gifts are waiting for you when you get home. 

Phase 1 - Foundations

Our full service planning process is structured around our bespoke '4 Planning Phases.' We devised these 4 phases specifically for weddings with design and personalisation in mind from the outset. Our process aims to encourage creativity and personalisation and then tie it together with extraordinary design and faultless coordination. Here's a little more about each of the phases:

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