Wedding Planning Services - Full Service, Design & Day-of Coordination

Our couples seek an event that is uniquely them, that provokes all of the five senses, that naturally fits in its environment and that not only drives guest connection but also leaves guests inspired. Our process ensure that alongside a team of the very best artisans we ultimately create a wedding that is unique to you.   

Our well-practised process is broken down into what we call our '4 Planning Phases,' however the approach we take will differ each time, depending on the service, the vision and the destination for your event. The individual service pages below further break down each phase.
Whether full service, design or day-of coordination, all of our couples have access to a personalized online client lounge where you will be able to keep up with to-do lists, budget updates, vendor contact information, guest lists and so much more. This ensures that you never have to worry about what comes next or missing a deadline.

We invite you to visit each of our individual service pages below to learn what might be the best fit for you....

Wedding Planning Services

Full Service

Day-of coordination


We'll be involved around 6 weeks from your wedding date to make sure the final stages of planning go smoothly, before being there on the day itself so you can relax and enjoy.

Wedding design is the core of who we are, and where we really shine. Let's get to know each other and design YOUR perfect wedding!

Our full wedding planning service, the best of the best - we'll work together to really understand what's special to you, build that into your wedding design and see everything through until you head off on your honeymoon.

Our Mission Statement

""Built upon a deep love for romance, creativity and meaningful moments, we serve as a trusted friend to foster a joyous and authentic event experience, every step of they way.""

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