Wedding Planning Services - Full Service, Design & Day-of Coordination

The W&O experience feels like coming home. We believe in the warmth of moments replete with both beauty and intention, and we take great pride in the foundation of trust, creativity and thoughtfulness we build with each of our clients. Through the years, we’ve refined our styling techniques and can-do attitude with even the most complex logistics.

We collaborate closely with our couples and foster regular design discussions with vendors as we weave together family traditions, personal passions, authentic love stories and curated design details in a tapestry of intention. And in keeping the experience as effortless as possible, each couple receives 24/7 access to a W&O client portal, personalized with a guest management system, budget tracker, contract + invoice library, planning milestone checklist, design mockups and more.

We believe in an engagement season for the couple that feels joyful, relaxed, and rich with positive emotion. Our well-practised process is broken down into what we call our '4 Planning Phases,' however the approach we take will differ each time, depending on the service, the vision and the destination for your event. Read on to discover how we guide our couples through each stage of our bespoke planning process.

Event Planning Services

Fitting with the name, this introductory stage is all about setting a solid foundation for the entire wedding planning process. This is where we'll dive deep into your story - how you met, what led you to where you are today and your overall vision for your dream wedding. We'll find out where you are with planning your wedding so far, whether you have a few things in the pipeline already such as a venue, or if you're starting with a totally clean slate. We'll take time to be sure we have a confident understanding of your vision, story and the experience you want to give yourselves and your loved ones. And, we'll visit your wedding venue to really connect with the space, its natural surroundings and the elements that drew you to it.

The first phase continues until we finalize preliminary logistical information such as your destination, venue, guest numbers ad budget ,We'll also present you with your vendor recommendation document, from which you'll pick your dream team of wedding vendors, with whom we'll then confirm bookings and contracts. And if you have vendors you've been keeping an eye on, we will of course include them here.

Phase 2 - Design

This is a personal favorite, the phase where we get really creative! It's focused on orchestrating the perfect blend of vendors, experiences and wedding aesthetics that fit your unique vision and budget. We start with a detailed questionnaire that really gets to know you both - as individuals and as a couple. We encourage each of you to fill this questionnaire out and really have fun and let your personalities shine, as this helps us get to know you better and bring personalized, distinctive design details into play. Almost from an interior design perspective, we custom tailor every piece from the layering of patterns and textures, the flow of your layout, the storytelling details and the attention to the 5 senses. Here is where we close our eyes and think what a fully immersive experience that you and your partner connect with on an emotional level would look like. And here is where we craft a thorough plan of action.

As we design, we are working closely with your vendors to create preliminary mockups for the visual elements of the day, which we present to you in a face-to-face Visual Proposal meeting so that you can share feedback from there. This typically takes place at the same time of the menu + cake tasting, though not required. We'll present you with texture suggestions, linen samples, custom illustrations, and more!

Phase 3 - Coordination

Coordination is the longest, but most comprehensive phase. We'll be working hard behind the scenes getting everything organized, such as dining & ceremony layouts, timelines (multiple versions for you and vendors), A/V logistics and much more. Meanwhile, this is when we'll ask you to confirm your guest list, finalizing who will give toasts and when, descide on a seating plan if applicable - essntially, anything that requires your own expertise and knowledge of your wedding guests. You'll have us and your personalized client portal to help guide you through this process so you never have to worry about anything getting missed. 

Phase 4 - Production

We've made it to your wedding! Thanks to the groundwork from the coordination phase, production runs super smoothly now that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. And of course, most importantly, you're getting married! We start the weekend with a rehearsal (venue-allowing), so that all your wedding party members know who is standing (or sitting) where. On the wedding day, we'll normally be the first to arrive and the last to leave. You'll find us accepting deliveries, steaming linens, setting up each space, overseeing the timeline and so much more- we want you and your family members to sit back, take everything in and be entirely free of responsibility. And once you've said 'I do' and headed off on your honeymoon, we'll ensure all vendors are signed off and all your wedding gifts are waiting for you when you get home. 

Phase 1 - Foundations

The W&O experience is rooted in understanding. It’s our deepest goal that our clients feel held from the start, and we genuinely want to learn your passions, your histories and your love story together as we build a relationship with you and craft an impeccable celebration that speaks irrevocably to your spirit. In investing so much of our own time and energy with each couple we work with, we take a very limited number of clients each year to ensure the thoughtful attention to detail that we promise. All wedding collections include one-on-one consultations, curated design decks + storyboards, vendor guidance and 24/7 access to a personalized client portal which streamlines every element of your event.

• Weddings in the US starting at $7,500

• Weddings in the UK starting at £5,000

• Weddings in France and Italy starting at £6,000


We hope this gives you a good guide of what you an expect as a Willow & Oak couple; we really understand what an honor it is to be trusted with one of the most important days of your life. We would love nothing more than to hear your story and collaborate on designing YOUR wedding, so get in touch and let's get started!

Our Mission Statement

""Built upon a deep love for romance, creativity and meaningful moments, we serve as a trusted friend to foster a joyous and authentic event experience, every step of they way.""

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