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We love event design and coordination, especially when it comes to weddings. In plain English, this means that we love to bring dream weddings and celebrations to life, starting with the design and finishing with coordinating the day of the event itself.

Why are we different? Because our aim is always to design a wedding which could only be yours. We don't do 'off-the-shelf' weddings, we truly get to know you so that we can learn about what's important to you, then build around those things. They could be particular memories, people, places or events, but by finding out about those things, no matter how small, we'll design a wedding that could only ever be yours.

Wedding Planning and Design Services

Really month-of planning, this is the one to go for if you just need a little extra help making sure the final stages go to plan.

Day-of Wedding Coordination

Wedding design is the core of who we are, and where we really shine. Let's get to know each other and design YOUR perfect wedding.

Wedding design consultation

The best of the best - we'll work together to really understand what's special to you, build that into your wedding design and see everything through until you head off on your honeymoon.

Full service Wedding design & coordination

Our Mission Statement

""Built upon a deep love for romance, creativity and meaningful moments, we serve as a trusted friend to foster a joyous and authentic event experience, every step of they way.""

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